ECMAS SC 114 is a completely alkali free accelerator available in liquid form for use with sprayed concrete for guniting, shotcreting etc.

Alkali Free Liquid Accelerator for Sprayed Concrete & Mortars


ECMAS SC 114 is used for sprayed concrete and mortar in galleries, tunnels, retaining walls, embankments, tank lining etc. Cement mortar admixed with ECMAS SC 114 sets rapidly, hence faster placing of higher thickness in one application is possible.


• Alkali free ensures safer handling and operating condition in work place and does not encourage alkali aggregate reaction, hence produce sound concrete. • High build enables faster coverage with reduced rebound.
• Can be applied more than 50mm thickness in one application.
• Allows spraying to take even on wet surface with running water.
• It allows rapid setting, which leads to higher build spray and contributes good water tightness.
• Does not contain any chloride and it develops high early strength.