ECMAS HP 890 is a state of the art super plasticisers based on specially selected and modified Poly-Carboxylic Ethers, to produce exceptional performance. It provides good water reduction coupled with good workability retention allowing production and placing of high quality concrete, without any problems of set time retardations. Hence, it can be used for production of various grades of concretes. It can be used in different varieties of concretes including those that contain mineral admixtures like PFA, GGBS, Metakaolin, Micro Silica etc.


ECMAS HP 890 is used generally at a dosage of range 0.3% to 1.5% by weight of cement. The exact dosage is determined by carefully done trials at project site labs/ready-to-mix concrete plant labs to suit the requirements with locally available cements/ingredients. The trials also are done to check properties both in fresh and hardened state. ECMAS HP 890 is recommended to be added on to wet mix and mixed for 2-3 minutes to get proper dispersion and optimum performance. The optimum time of mixing again depends on the mixer capacity/efficiency etc. ECMAS does not recommend any other different chemical admixtures to be used in conjunction with ECMAS HP 890 unless otherwise, such an event is approved with proper / prior trials done in consultation with ECMAS.


ECMAS HP 890 is used for high-strength and high performance concretes. It is also used for concretes with high fluidity, concretes for piling works and concretes for thin sections where high fluidity is required; concretes fo congested reinforcement applications and concretes with high amounts of manufactured sands. It is also used for concretes where conventional super plasticisers cannot give adequate performance.