ECMAPLAST 2020 is a liquid admixture for use in concrete, it is dual action corrosion inhibitor, providing both anodic and cathodic protection to steel. It chemically inhibits the corrosive action of chlorides on reinforcing steel and forms a protective film. It can also be used to improve repair mortars and grouts. Unique feature of ECMAPLAST2020 is that the inhibitor will migrate through concrete to provide protection and will stop further corrosion of Rebar.

ECMAPLAST 2020 is compatible with most of other Admixtures. It is suitable to be used with different types of cement, and is also suitable to be used in concrete with different supplementary cementicious materials like PFA and GGBS etc.


ECMAPLAST 2020 provides both anodic and cathodic protection to the steel bars. The product forms film on steel surface which delays the onset of corrosion and reduces corrosion.

The following advantages can be achieved by using ECMAPLAST 2020:
• Acts as corrosion protection for embedded reinforcing steel especially from the influence of chlorides.
• Protects concrete from destructive influences of re-inforcement corrosion. • It does not contain calcium nitrate.
• It is water based, organic and non-flammable.


ECMAPLAST 2020 Recommended Doses 2-3 Kgs./m3. ECMAPLAST 2020 can be mixed in concrete similar to mixing of any other conventional admixture. It can also be added to the concrete in the transit mixer at the discharging point. It may have small retarding effect setting time on concrete. Trials should be conducted to find the optimum performance of concrete as per site conditions and requirements.