ECMAPLAST 110 is a dark brown liquid based on selected ligno-sulphonates. When added to concrete mixes, the admixture is absorbed onto the cement particles. It then acts as a dispersing agent which breaks down agglomerates of cement particles and enables the water in the mix to perform more efficiently. ECMAPLAST 110 delays the initial hydration of the cement which results in retardation of the setting time. However, once the concrete has undergone initial set, the hardening process continues normally.

Retarding Plasticizer


The unique dual function of ECMAPLAST 110 improves both mixing water efficiency and delays initial set of concrete mixes. This improvement can be utilized to provide increased strength, density and workability without increase in cement, whilst retardation of setting times enables avoidance of 'cold joints' where delays in transporting and placing concrete occur. Towers, chimneys, high buildings, slipform structures, tunnel/ shaft lining, offshore construction and in-situ piles.


• Easy pumping - improves workability, cohesion and extends setting time. It provides protection against delays.
• In-situ Piling - Avoidance of 'cold joints', helps easy casing removal.
• Ready mixed concrete - Increased workability and extended setting times minimizes risks associated with long distance deliveries in hot weather.
• Slipforming - Facilitates keeping a workable concrete 'face' under difficult conditions.
• Larger pours - Possible with extended placing and compaction times and avoidance of 'cold joint'.
• Increased ultimate strength - Higher strengths without increase in cement content or reduction in workability.
• Cement savings - Can be obtained by maintaining original strength and workability.
• Improved cohesion - Reduces bleeding and segregation where poor sand gradings are unavoidable.