ECMAPLAST 109 is a super-plasticising, high range water reducing, accelerated and hardening admixture based on special synthetic polymers. It specifically recommended for using a manufacture of paver blocks and concrete designer tiles.


As a Super plasticizer
• Substantial improvements in workability without increased water or the risk of segregation.
• Normal set without retardation.
• Improved mortar density and surface finish. As a Water reducer
• Up to 30% water reduction & 40% increase in 28 days strengths are possible.
• High strengths after 8 hours and double 16 hours strengths can be obtained.
• Increases frost and water resistant properties of the mortar because of reduced water contents and low permeability.
• Extremely high workability, little or no vibration required.
• Can replace steam curing.
• Faster mould turn around
• High durability concrete and ultra-high strength mortar.


In order to obtain the best results, ECMA PLAST 109 must be used with specifically designed mixes for the particular requirements of strength, cost saving or flowing mortar. For maximum dispersion, ECMA PLAST 109 should be added with the mixing water. On no account should it be added to the dry cement.