ECMAPLAST 108 is a high quality dispersing agent based on specially selected organic salts in order to improve the properties of cement mortar and/or plaster works.


ECMAPLAST 108 improves cohesion in cement mortar and minimizes shrinkage in mortar mixes. It increases water retentivity in mortar, improves adhesion to all kinds of cement & concrete surfaces, reduces rebound loss, improves finishibility and appearance. It eases application of mortar which results in faster works and also increases frost resistance in cold climate. It increases the yield of cement mortar, hence results in extra coverage. ECMAPLAST 108 is chloride free does not induce corrosion.


ECMAPLAST 108 should be added in diluted form to a well mixed cement-sand mixture for best results. It should never be added directly to a dry mixture. Normal dosage range is 60 ml to 200 ml per 50 kg bag of cement. This is diluted in mixing water or a portion of mixing water and added on to cement mortar mixture.