ECMAPLAST 106 is a concrete set rate accelerator. In addition to concrete
it disperses the cement particles which improves accelerates the setting time of concrete.


ECMAPLAST 106 is a chloride free accelerator and does not affect concrete, hence can be effectively used in pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete industry. ECMAPLAST 106 can be effectively used in cold atmospheric conditions where reduction of set rate of concrete is very important. As it is specially formulated to reduce ultimate strengths.


ECMAPLAST 106 can be used with all standard cement types. ECMAPLAST 106 of required quantity should be added to part of gauging water before mixing with concrete made with remaining gauging water for better results. The concrete should be mixed for at least a minute after addition of ECMAPLAST 106. Attention should be paid to the ASTM, BS, DIN, AND IS specification relating to mixing times and general conditions for the production. application and curing of concrete.
The normal dosage range is 0.5 to 1.5 kgs of ECMAPLAST 106 per 50 kgs of cement. The optimum dosage and compatibility of ECMAPLAST 106 with the locally available materials has to be ascertained by proper site trials. As overdose of ECMAPLAST 106 further accelerates the set rate of concrete but does not effect the ultimate strength of concrete.