ECMAPLAST 105 is a high performance air entraining admixture, supplied in ready to use form, prepared with carefully selected polymers.


ECMAPLAST 105 improves workability, cohesion, impermeability and hence overall durability of concrete. It also increases crack resistance and reduces bleeding significantly along with segregation, so that even harsh mixes are improved. It gives excellent freeze:thaw resistance. ECMAPLAST 105 provides controlled air entrainment and hence in well designed concrete mixes does not cause strength loss. It is chloride-free and hence no risk of corrosion. It is compatible with all types of OPC, PPC, PFA, GGBFS, Micro-Silica etc.


The normal recommended dosage is 50 ml to 200 ml per 50 Kg bag of cement, which results in air entrainment of about 2% to 8% over control. Depending upon the requirement at site, dosage levels have to be altered to get acceptable values of air entrainment and hence acceptable strengths. Trials have to be carefully carried out as air entrainment depends upon, fineness of cement, sand, type of course aggregates, mixing time, temperature, condition of the blades in the mixer, total water content etc.

ECMAPLAST 105 has to be added on to a wet concrete mix for best results. In other words, after adding and mixing about 85% to 90% of total mixing water with other ingredients of concrete, ECMAPLAST 105 is diluted in the remaining water and added on to the already mixed, wet concrete. Now the entire batch of concrete is mixed again thoroughly to ensure uniform spreading of ECMAPLAST 105. When its water reducing ability is judiciously utilised ECMAPLAST 105 gives highly impermeable and durable concrete.