High quality high range concrete super plasticizer based on modified sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde. ECMAPLAST 104 HS is a super plasticizer on addition to concrete it disperses the cement particles, by which it enhances the workability by many folds and also gives good retardation.


It improves workability. It has increased strength, improved quality and a good slump retention. ECMAPLAST 104 HS is chloride-free. And has an excellent water reduction and improved impermeability. It is compatible with all types of Portland cements and mineral admixtures like PFA, GGBFS, Micro Silica, Metakaolin etc. It is specially made to suit the requirements of ready-to-mix concrete and concretes with manufactured sand or crush stone sand.


The normal recommended dosage is 0.4% to 1.4% by weight of cementitious. The optimum dosage and compatibility of the admixture should be ascertained by proper trial in the site. An over dosage will lead to retardation as the formulation is specially designed to give extra retardation. The initial strength of the concrete may be lesser, where as the 3rd day, 7th day and 28th day will not get affected. ECMAPLAST 104 HS has to be added on wet concrete mix for best results. ECMAPLAST 104 HS has good slump retaining ability hence can be transported to longer distance due to which cold joints and placing problem can be avoided.