it is a high-quality, high-range concrete blocks accelator based on modified sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde. In addition to concrete it disperses the cement particles, by which it enhances the high earlier strength, significantly. ECMAPLAST 104 BLOC also gives a good intial slump and very good smoothness.


It improves initial slump and increases high earlier strength. Permit earlier removal of formwork. And reduces the required period of curing. It is chloride-free. It is compatible with all types of Portland cements and mineral admixtures like PFA, GGBFS, Micro-Silica, Metakaolin etc.


The normal recommended dosage is 0.5% to 1.4% by weight of cement. The optimum dosage and compatibility of the admixture should be ascertained by proper trial at the site. An over dosage will lead to reduce more water as the formulation is specially designed to give extra strength. The initial strength of the concrete blocks will get higher. ECMAPLAST 104 BLOC has to be added on wet concrete blocks mix for best results. It has good strength at earlier age.

Note: The above results are for reference only based on our lab trials using cement, aggregates locally available to us. The results may vary if sources are changed. It is recommended for end user to make proper trials before proposed application.