ECMAPLAST 103 is a high-quality, high-range water reducing admixture based on specially selected organic polymers which provide excellent plastically to concrete.

High Range Water Reducing Admixture


ECMAPLAST 103 induces unidirectional, negative charges on the surface of cement particles, because of which they repel each other resulting in better dispersion or better workability.


Excellent water reducing ability (In the range of 10% to 25%) hence provides very high strength concrete. Slight inbuilt retardation helps for slump retention and avoids cold joints. Very high degree of dispersion and hence providesfree flow concrete, without blemishes such as segregation, bleeding etc. When its water reducing ability is harnessed properly, it gives excellent impermeability & overall increase in durability. Chloride free, hence no risk of corrosion. Compatible with all types of OPC, PPC, GGBFS, PFA Silica fume et


ECMAPLAST 103 is a super plasticiser normally recommended Doses 0.5% to 1.5% by wt. of cement, with proper site traits using locally available concrete ingredients. The dosage can be fixed even beyond this range to suit the requirements. ECMAPLAST 103 has to be added on to a wet concrete mix for best results. In other words, after adding and mixing about 85% to 90% of total mixing water with other ingredients of the concrete. ECMAPLAST 103 is then diluted in the remaining water and added on the already, mixed, wet concrete. Now the entire batch of concrete is mixed again thoroughly to ensure uniform spreading of ECMAPLAST 103. When its water reducing ability is judiciously utilised ECMAPLAST103 gives highly impermeable and durable concrete.can be avoided.