ECMAS EGA L65 is a high-performance Limestone and Mineral additive, formulated for enhancing the grinding action. These are weekly basic aqueous solutions to be added during grinding of limestone and mineral.


ECMAS EGA L65 is used in limestone grinding for
• Increasedgrinding efficiency of the mill.
• Increment in mill output, increase in productivity 6-8% depending upon the mill circuit and type.
• Reduced in specific power consumption and increase the availability for mil maintenance.
• Pack-set is reduced, dry fluidity into silos and trucks are improved.
• Maintenance of Quality parameters with enhancement of particle size distribution (PSD)


When ECMAS EGA L65 is added to raw limestone, they improve the raw mill grinding action which allows raw mill output improvement at unchanged grinding fineness with consequent reduction in specific power consumption with better PSD in turn helps in better clinker quality.