Protect the integrity & durability of your structure from costly leaks, water infiltration and damage using our world-class waterproofing systems.

Entry and movement of water in concrete and masonry is one of the most significant factors that negatively affect the longevity of a structure and lead to substantial maintenance costs. 

Water penetration can lead to dripping ceilings, stained walls, and inundated floors, damaging structural integrity and aesthetic features. Therefore, waterproofing is not just an added process during or after construction but also a necessity.  

Waterproofing of any structure can be divided into two key areas – substructure and superstructure.  

The substructure is the part of the structure below the ground like under slabs, retaining walls and water retaining structures..  

The superstructure lies above the ground like the lobby, higher floors, terrace, roof, etc. For both the areas, three types of waterproofing solutions are incorporated: 

  • Integral waterproofing: Integral waterproofing solutions are
    mixed in the concrete during batching. 
  • External Waterproofing:Externally-applied waterproofing solutions
    are applied from the structure’s exterior, i.e., the positive side of
    hydrostatic pressure. 
  • Internal Waterproofing:Internally-applied waterproofing solutions
    form the last line of defence against water pressure and are applied
    from the negative side of hydrostatic pressure.

ECMAS is one of India’s leading waterproofing chemical manufacturers and provides a diverse set of waterproofing solutions that go a long way in preserving the structure’s life.  

ECMAS’s success as a waterproofing chemical supplier comes from our ability to adapt our services to the clients’ needs. To understand their requirements, we work in synchronization with every stakeholder involved in the construction process, like architects, structural engineers, applicators, contractors, and owners.

After understanding their task, our experts suggest the right mix of our waterproofing chemicals for roofs, terraces and other areas that best suit the task requirements. This leads to an efficient waterproof structure that will remain for years to come.


Keep outside water from getting in and inside water from getting out.

ECMAS provides comprehensive waterproofing solutions for modern and ancient structures. Our extensive portfolio of products, innovative technologies, world-class production infrastructure and demonstrable quality make us the preferred choice for our customers.

Our successes stem from our proven ability to adapt to each environment.We do this by working in concert with structural engineers, contractors, architects, applicators, and owners to understand their goals and challenges. Our experts suggest the right combination of products from our wide array of specialist sealants, coatings, admixtures, grouts and membranes and decide on the ratios and finer aspects of application. By combining local insights with technical expertise, ECMAS is able to craft cost-effective, long-lasting and water-tight solutions.

ECMAS waterproofing solutions comply with national and international standards.


By their very nature, basements, tunnels and other below ground structures come into direct contact with groundwater and soil leaving them vulnerable to damp, condensation, water incursions, soil gases and contaminants. Hydrostatic pressure can force water into the structure through the smallest of cracks and joints. Left unchecked, these conditions can drastically reduce the durability and severely erode the functioning of the building - both below and above ground - leading to costly repairs, downtimes or closures. Planning ahead for these eventualities and putting a water-tight strategy in place to combat them will save both time and money. Whether new or remedial, ECMAS provides lasting below ground waterproofing solutions for your structure, protecting its integrity and greatly increasing its long-term durability.

What’s more, you’ll never need to go anywhere else. ECMAS manufactures the full suite of products and materials required for effective below ground waterproofing. These include pre-formed and liquid applied membranes, crystalline admixtures, crystalline and cementitious coatings, injection systems and water stops.


Just like a good roof is both functional and aesthetic, a good terrace waterproofing solution can be both economical and effective. ECMAS offers a versatile range of resilient waterproofing and thermal insulation solutions for every kind of roof. 

ECMAS does more than supply the products – we involve ourselves from the early stages of project planning, working closely with consultants, designers and contractors to better understand the structural and environmental challenges before advising on a selection of waterproofing products and a viable course of action. Our terrace waterproofing solutions are specially formulated to disallow water ingression, moisture or leakage and easy to install. ECMAS also provides remedial solutions for waterproofing of older constructions.

Cool Roofs

Installing a cool roof can drastically reduce air-conditioning costs, decrease heat ageing and correspondingly increase the durability of the roof itself. Meanwhile, the building’s occupants will experience a marked improvement in comfort and livability.

Cool roofs, while insulating from heat and ultraviolet rays, must also keep out rainwater and moisture. ECMAS makes it happen by using specialized liquid applied roofing and waterproofing membranes rated for high reflectance. While our solutions are cost-effective, the resultant energy savings alone more than justify the economics of cool roofs. The positive environmental impact is no less significant.

ECMAS Cool Roofs are:
Water-tight, heat reflective, Insulating, aesthetically pleasing, Quick to install, Durable, Eco-friendly & Cost-effective


A roof can be more than just the top of the building. A roof can be a viewing deck, a lush garden or a greened walking track. Green roofs, or eco roofs, transform traditionally underutilized structures into lively, social, eco-friendly spaces. Soil (or another plant growing medium) is laid over a waterproofing membrane and plants and vegetation are grown over that. Green roofs can be extensive – supporting mid-sized plants but they can also be intensive with thicker layers of soil that support small trees and large plants. The challenge is to keep the structure water-tight and safe from algae while allowing for irrigation and drainage.

Podiums and lower decks that are typically constructed above basements and underground car parks can also host flora and greenery if they are correctly and adequately insulated and waterproofed. Both podiums and green roofs can add aesthetic and market value to a property.

ECMAS provides tried and tested green roof and podium waterproofing solutions with excellent weatherability. Our solutions protect your structure from water ingress, root penetration and microorganisms while reducing air-conditioning costs.      


Bathrooms, balconies and utility areas that are constantly exposed to water are extremely vulnerable to water ingress, leaks and structural damage. Typically, weak spots include construction joints, cracks, honeycombs, and floor drains. ECMAS offers a superior range of wet area waterproofing products and solutions designed to create an impermeable barrier between the water and the concrete, preventing leakage and proliferation of bacteria, mold and moisture. 


Structures that hold water are continuously subjected to hydrostatic pressure and load. They are also exposed to strong, cleaning chemicals. Swimming pools, overhead and underground tanks and sumps must withstand both this constant internal pressure and the usage of chemicals. ECMAS uses a composite of liquid-applied waterproofing membranes, coatings and waterproof breathable drying plasters to seal these structures. Our waterproofing products keep your tanks and pools water-tight even under high-pressure conditions.