Two component, Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer

ECMAGUARD 403 is a two component, grey colored, metallic zinc and epoxy resins-based primer cum protective coating for protection of exposed/ confined steel reinforcement bars to be used with ECMAREP concrete repair mortars. It provides an active galvanic protection to steel bars and protects steel and reinforcement bars against corrosion/ rusting, chloride induced attacks. ECMAGUARD 403 having excellent adhesion & chemical resistance properties.


• Anti corrosive - Active 'Zinc-rich' system combats corrosion by electro chemical means. • Two component product - easy to mix and use. • Excellent adhesion - Exhibits excellent bond strength in cementitious repairs. • Easy Application by Brush or Roller


Suitable for application as a protective cum priming coat on exposed steel reinforcement bars in concrete repair, steel pipelines, tanks exteriors, etc. in refineries, power plants, fertilizer industries, etc. This can be top coated with suitable epoxy coatings, polyurethane paints as per specific applications.