Solvent Free Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive

ECMABOND 520is a solvent free epoxy adhesive consisting of two components resin and hardener .It has the consistency of a thixotropic paste. It is designed for bonding TPE based expansion joint Tape, metal plate, plywood, asbestos etc to concrete. It is confirming to ASTM C 881.


• Solvent Free • Thixotropic • No primer required • High mechanical characteristics • Impermeable to water and vapor • Accommodates high structural movement • Flexible even at low temperatures • High pH resistance Polymerizes without shrinkage


Used as an epoxy adhesive for ECMAFLEX joint Tape System. • A highly effective adhesive for most building material including steel and concrete surface in an • aggressive environments. • Bonding Steel to concrete • Filling cracks in concrete • Sealing cracks in cement screeds