ECMAS started as a trading company and over a period of time expanded its activities into manufacturing, construction and technology. The trading wing of the Group is a significant player in the FRP distribution world as it contributes to an annual sales of ~5000 tons of glass fiber and epoxy to the industry each year. Its polypropylene trading business (for Hindustan Mittal Energy Limited) generates a volume sales of ~6000 tons per annum. ECMAS caters to a loyal customer base of 600+ customers through 9 offices and a workforce of 150.

Strengths of Business

 Innovative Solutions : Our Innovative team is discovering, developing and delivering differentiated solutions that address 21st century needs.
 Flexible product range : We have a wide range of customized products to suit your industry needs.
 Research & Development : We have talent who involve in continuous industry research and development to meet global standards.


The prime force behind our success is the perfect teamwork of our talented and devoted employees. The Management of the Company has more than 30 years of work experience in the industry and has immense knowledge about the intricacies of the markets and the industry.

Our People - Our Strength

We believe in building people's careers by conducting necessary trainings that         enable them to improve their competencies, further ensuring rewarding careers.
We reward excellent performers.
We strive to provide a positive work environment that fosters creativity.
We identify strong talent internally and nurture them to become tomorrow's         leaders

In touch with Tomorrow!

ECMAS is committed to support Indian Industry's quest for achieving new heights in building products, and providing solution based service to the construction & infrastructure industry. With a strong innovative tradition, the Company constantly strives to achieve new levels of excellence in the manufacturing and marketing of its products through the R&D centre.

The ECMAS Research Center is a multi-faceted facility with a team of specialists who continuously work to enhance the quality of products. The team continues to engage in developmental activities at the Center with clear focus on product up-gradation and new product development.

We can also manufacture tailor made products in order to suit customer requirements, further ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. Yes, we are in touch with tomorrow.

After 3 decades of dedicated, significant contribution to the Indian industry, the founders of the group have strengthened its management by bringing in their second generation. These youngsters have brought in new energy coupled with innovative ideas and solutions into the company that are sure to take ECMAS to new heights.